02 November, 2016

Episode 017 - Abyssinia

A portion of Muhammed's followers flee to Abyssinia where they hope to practice their religion freely, Quraysh try to retrieve them.


  1. I have been following your podcast for a few months but just now started listening to episode 16 & 17 tonight. Great stuff! I regret not listening sooner. For those of us not familiar with the terms and names, can you provide a glossary so we can look them up? I like being able to use Wikipedia while I listen.


    1. There is already a glossary up with a few terms already on it:
      Let me know if there is anything that you want me to add.

      There is also this resource available, a character page. It has brief profiles of key figures mentioned in the podcast:

  2. Thanks for this Podcast. Very informative. I'm really looking forward to you covering the Caliphates. For once I'll hear the non-western side of the story. All I know about early Islam is from the eyes of the Byzantienes, the Franks and later the crusaders. So bascially the people that Arabs didn't get along with too well.
    I think what I like most so far is the description of how the arab society works. It is really foreign and fascinating to me. Always thought the japanese took honor seriously. They got nothing on the old arabs. I hope I'll get a hang of the names at some point. Took me only like 80 Episodes for the History of China. So far, most of them sound like angry yelling. Though I've heard people say this about german names too, so... fair enough. Keep up the good work!

  3. As far as I can see, this is the last episode and was published nearly four months ago. Certainly, interruptions occur in life but perhaps you can post an update to let us know when this informative series will resume.


  4. Really enjoy this podcast and hope it will resume soon

  5. Really enjoy this podcast and hope it will resume soon..

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